AWS Config
AWS 服务或AWS文档中描述的功能,可能因地区/位置而异。点 击 Getting Started with Amazon AWS to see specific differences applicable to the China (Beijing) Region.


如果 AWS Config 无法向您的 Amazon S3 存储桶传输配置快照或过大配置项变更通知,AWS Config 会发送传输失败通知。请确认您指定了有效的 Amazon S3 存储桶。

View the Timeline for this Resource in AWS Config Management Console: The full configuration item change notification for this resource exceeded the maximum size allowed by Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). A summary of the configuration item is provided here. You can view the complete notification in the specified Amazon S3 bucket location. New State Record Summary: ---------------------------- { "configurationItemSummary": { "changeType": "UPDATE", "configurationItemVersion": "1.2", "configurationItemCaptureTime": "2016-10-06T16:46:13.749Z", "configurationStateId": 0, "awsAccountId": "123456789012", "configurationItemStatus": "OK", "resourceType": "AWS::EC2::Instance", "resourceId": "test_resourceId_014b953d-75e3-40ce-96b9-c7240b975457", "resourceName": null, "ARN": "arn:aws:ec2:us-west-2:123456789012:instance/test_resourceId_014b953d-75e3-40ce-96b9-c7240b975457", "awsRegion": "us-west-2", "availabilityZone": null, "configurationStateMd5Hash": "6de64b95eacd30e7b63d4bba7cd80814", "resourceCreationTime": "2016-10-06T16:46:10.489Z" }, "s3DeliverySummary": { "s3BucketLocation": null, "errorCode": "NoSuchBucket", "errorMessage": "Failed to deliver notification to bucket: bucket-example for account 123456789012 in region us-west-2." }, "notificationCreationTime": "2016-10-06T16:46:13.749Z", "messageType": "OversizedConfigurationItemChangeDeliveryFailed", "recordVersion": "1.0" }