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Getting Started with the SDK in the Browser

Loading the SDK

The quickest way to get started with the SDK is to load it using the hosted package directly from Amazon Web Services. To do this, simply add the following script tag to your HTML pages:

<script src=""></script>

You can also download this package by clicking the following link: aws-sdk-2.7.18.min.js

Using Bower

You can also use Bower to install the SDK by typing the following into a terminal window:

bower install aws-sdk-js

Once the SDK is loaded in your page, the module will be available from the global variable AWS (or window.AWS).

Browser Support

The SDK supports all modern web browsers:

Google Chrome28.0+ Microsoft Internet Explorer10.0+
Mozilla Firefox23.0+ Apple Safari5.1+
Opera17.0+ Android Browser4.3+

Next Steps

Now that you have installed and loaded the SDK, continue on to learn how to configure and use the SDK to make requests to API operations on services.

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