AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Developer Guide
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Install the EB CLI in a Virtual Environment

You can avoid version requirement conflicts with other pip packages by installing the EB CLI in a virtual environment.

To install the EB CLI in a virtual environment

  1. Install virtualenv with pip.

    $ pip install --user virtualenv
  2. Create a virtual environment.

    $ virtualenv ~/eb-ve

    You can use the -p option to use a Python executable other than the default.

    $ virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3.4 ~/eb-ve
  3. Activate the virtual environment.

    Linux, OS X, or Unix

    $ source ~/eb-ve/bin/activate


    $ %USERPROFILE%\eb-ve\Scripts\activate
  4. Install the EB CLI.

    (eb-ve)~$ pip install awsebcli --upgrade
  5. Verify that the EB CLI is installed correctly.

    $ eb --version EB CLI 3.7.8 (Python 3.4.1)

You can use the deactivate command to exit the virtual environment. Whenever you start a new session, run the activation command again.

To upgrade to the latest version, run the installation command again.

(eb-ve)~$ pip install awsebcli --upgrade