AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Developer Guide (API Version 2010-12-01)
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eb events


Returns the most recent events for the environment.

If the root directory contains a platform.yaml file specifying a custom platform, this command also returns the most recent evens for the builder environment.


eb events

eb events environment_name







Streams events. To cancel, press CTRL+C.


If successful, the command returns recent events.


The following example returns the most recent events.

$ eb events
2014-10-29 21:55:39     INFO    createEnvironment is starting.
2014-10-29 21:55:40     INFO    Using elasticbeanstalk-us-west-2-169465803350 as Amazon S3 storage bucket for environment data.
2014-10-29 21:55:57     INFO    Created load balancer named: awseb-e-r-AWSEBLoa-NSKUOK5X6Z9J
2014-10-29 21:56:16     INFO    Created security group named: awseb-e-rxgrhjr9bx-stack-AWSEBSecurityGroup-1UUHU5LZ20ZY7
2014-10-29 21:56:20     INFO    Created Auto Scaling launch configuration named:awseb-e-rxgrhjr9bx-stack-AWSEBAutoScalingLaunchConfiguration-AG68JQHE9NWO
2014-10-29 21:57:18     INFO    Waiting for EC2 instances to launch. This may take a few minutes.
2014-10-29 21:57:18     INFO    Created Auto Scaling group named: awseb-e-rxgrhjr9bx-stack-AWSEBAutoScalingGroup-1TE320ZCJ9RPD
2014-10-29 21:57:22     INFO    Created Auto Scaling group policy named: arn:aws:autoscaling:us-west-2:11122223333:scalingPolicy:2cced9e6-859b-421a-be63-8ab34771155a:autoScalingGroupName/awseb-e-rxgrhjr9bx-stack-AWSEBAutoScalingGroup-1TE320ZCJ9RPD:policyName/awseb-e-rxgrhjr9bx-stack-AWSEBAutoScalingScaleUpPolicy-1I2ZSNVU4APRY
2014-10-29 21:57:22     INFO    Created Auto Scaling group policy named: arn:aws:autoscaling:us-west-2:11122223333:scalingPolicy:1f08b863-bf65-415a-b584-b7fa3a69a0d5:autoScalingGroupName/awseb-e-rxgrhjr9bx-stack-AWSEBAutoScalingGroup-1TE320ZCJ9RPD:policyName/awseb-e-rxgrhjr9bx-stack-AWSEBAutoScalingScaleDownPolicy-1E3G7PZKZPSOG
2014-10-29 21:57:25     INFO    Created CloudWatch alarm named: awseb-e-rxgrhjr9bx-stack-AWSEBCloudwatchAlarmLow-VF5EJ549FZBL
2014-10-29 21:57:25     INFO    Created CloudWatch alarm named: awseb-e-rxgrhjr9bx-stack-AWSEBCloudwatchAlarmHigh-LA9YEW3O6WJO
2014-10-29 21:58:50     INFO    Added EC2 instance 'i-c7ee492d' to Auto ScalingGroup 'awseb-e-rxgrhjr9bx-stack-AWSEBAutoScalingGroup-1TE320ZCJ9RPD'.
2014-10-29 21:58:53     INFO    Successfully launched environment: tmp-dev
2014-10-29 21:59:14     INFO    Environment health has been set to GREEN
2014-10-29 21:59:43     INFO    Adding instance 'i-c7ee492d' to your environment.