AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Developer Guide (API Version 2010-12-01)
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eb restore


Rebuilds a terminated environment, creating a new environment with the same name, ID, and configuration. The environment name, domain name, and application version must be available for use in order for the rebuild to succeed.


eb restore

eb restore environment_id




Common options


The EB CLI displays a list of terminated environments that are available to restore.


$ eb restore
Select a terminated environment to restore

  #   Name          ID             Application Version      Date Terminated        Ago

  3   gamma         e-s7mimej8e9   app-77e3-161213_211138   2016/12/14 20:32 PST   13 mins
  2   beta          e-sj28uu2wia   app-77e3-161213_211125   2016/12/14 20:32 PST   13 mins
  1   alpha         e-gia8mphu6q   app-77e3-161213_211109   2016/12/14 16:21 PST   4 hours

 (Commands: Quit, Restore, ▼ ▲)

Selected environment alpha
Application:    scorekeep
Description:    Environment created from the EB CLI using "eb create"
Version:        app-77e3-161213_211109
Platform:       64bit Amazon Linux 2016.03 v2.1.6 running Java 8
Terminated:     2016/12/14 16:21 PST
Restore this environment? [y/n]: y

INFO: restoreEnvironment is starting.
INFO: Created security group named: sg-e2443f72