AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Developer Guide
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This version of the EB CLI and its documentation have been replaced with version 3 (in this section, EB CLI 3 represents version 3 and later of the EB CLI). For information on the new version, see The Elastic Beanstalk Command Line Interface (EB CLI).


Deploys the current application to the AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment from the Git repository.


  • The eb push operation does not push to your remote repository, if any. Use a standard git push or similar command to update your remote repository.

  • The -e or --environment-name options are not not valid for eb push. To push to a different environment from the current one (based on either the eb init default settings or the Git branch that is currently checked out), run eb branch before running eb push.


eb push


Name Description Required

Common options

For more information, see Eb Common Options.



If successful, the command returns the status of the push operation.


The following example deploys the current application.

PROMPT> eb push Pushing to environment: MyApp-env remote: To https://AKIAXXXXXXXX5ZB7Q:2013092XXXXXXXXXXXXf502a780888b0a49899798aa6cbeaef690c0b 0705XXXXXXXX23632303133/commitid/336264353663396262306463326563663763393EXAMPLExxxxx5 3165643137343939EXAMPLExx036/environment/417070536570743236323031332d6d6173EXAMPLEx65 2013-09-26 17:35:37 INFO Adding instance 'i-5EXAMPLE' to your environment. 2013-09-26 17:36:12 INFO Deploying new version to instance(s). 2013-09-26 17:36:20 INFO New application version was deployed to running EC2 instances. 2013-09-26 17:36:20 INFO Environment update completed successfully. Update of environment "MyApp-env" has completed.