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Module: Publisher.prototype.fieldsToTrim

Defined in:

Property Summary collapse

Property Details

AwsExceptionNumber (static, readwrite)

Default Value:

Publisher.prototype.fieldsToTrim.AwsException = 128

AwsExceptionMessageNumber (static, readwrite)

Default Value:

Publisher.prototype.fieldsToTrim.AwsExceptionMessage = 512

FinalAwsExceptionNumber (static, readwrite)

Default Value:

Publisher.prototype.fieldsToTrim.FinalAwsException = 128

FinalAwsExceptionMessageNumber (static, readwrite)

Default Value:

Publisher.prototype.fieldsToTrim.FinalAwsExceptionMessage = 512

FinalSdkExceptionNumber (static, readwrite)

Default Value:

Publisher.prototype.fieldsToTrim.FinalSdkException = 128

FinalSdkExceptionMessageNumber (static, readwrite)

Default Value:

Publisher.prototype.fieldsToTrim.FinalSdkExceptionMessage = 512

SdkExceptionNumber (static, readwrite)

Default Value:

Publisher.prototype.fieldsToTrim.SdkException = 128

SdkExceptionMessageNumber (static, readwrite)

Default Value:

Publisher.prototype.fieldsToTrim.SdkExceptionMessage = 512

UserAgentNumber (static, readwrite)

Default Value:

Publisher.prototype.fieldsToTrim.UserAgent = 256