Amazon Elastic Container Service
开发人员指南 (API 版本 2014-11-13)
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有多个在 Amazon ECS 任务定义中使用数据卷的使用案例。一些常见示例旨在提供与容器一起使用的持久性数据卷,定义空的非持久性数据卷并将其挂载到多个容器上,在同一容器实例上的不同容器中的不同位置共享定义的数据卷,以及向由第三方卷驱动程序管理的任务提供数据卷。卷的生命周期可以绑定到特定的任务或特定容器实例的生命周期。

The following are the types of data volumes that can be used:

  • Docker volumes — A Docker-managed volume that is created under /var/lib/docker/volumes on the container instance. Docker volume drivers (also referred to as plugins) are used to integrate the volumes with external storage systems, such as Amazon EBS. The built-in local volume driver or a third-party volume driver can be used. Docker volumes are only supported when using the EC2 launch type. Windows containers only support the use of the local driver. To use Docker volumes, specify a dockerVolumeConfiguration in your task definition. For more information, see Using volumes.

  • Bind mounts — A file or directory on the host machine is mounted into a container. Bind mount host volumes are supported when using either the EC2 or Fargate launch types. To use bind mount host volumes, specify a host and optional sourcePath value in your task definition. For more information, see Using bind mounts.


在发布经 Amazon ECS 优化的 AMI 版本 2017.03.a 之前,只有在启动 Docker 守护程序时可用的文件系统才能用于 Docker 容器。您可以使用最新的经 Amazon ECS 优化的 AMI 以避免此限制,也可以将 docker 程序包升级到最新版本并重新启动 Docker。