Amazon ElastiCache Resources - 用于 Redis 的 Amazon ElastiCache
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Amazon ElastiCache Resources


  • Service highlights and pricing – The product detail page provides a general product overview of ElastiCache, service highlights, and pricing.

  • ElastiCache videos – The ElastiCache 视频 section has videos that introduce you to Amazon ElastiCache. The videos cover common use cases for ElastiCache and demo how to use ElastiCache to reduce latency and improve throughput for your applications.

  • Getting started – The Getting Started with 用于 Redis 的 Amazon ElastiCache section includes information on creating a cache cluster. It also includes how to authorize access to the cache cluster, connect to a cache node, and delete the cache cluster.

  • Performance at scale – The Performance at Scale with Amazon ElastiCache whitepaper addresses caching strategies that help your application to perform well at scale.


  • 选择节点大小

    You want your nodes to be large enough to accommodate all the data you want to cache. At the same time, you don't want to pay for more cache than you need. You can use this topic to help select the best node size.

  • 缓存策略和最佳实践

    Identify and address issues that can impact the efficiency of your cluster.

如果要使用 AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI),您可以利用以下文档帮助您开始使用:

您可以使用各种常用的编程语言编写应用程序,以利用 ElastiCache API。下面是一些资源:

  • Tools for Amazon Web Services

    Amazon Web Services provides a number of software development kits (SDKs) with support for ElastiCache. You can code for ElastiCache using Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, and other languages. These SDKs can greatly simplify your application development by formatting your requests to ElastiCache, parsing responses, and providing retry logic and error handling.

  • 使用 ElastiCache API

    If you don't want to use the AWS SDKs, you can interact with ElastiCache directly using the Query API. You can find troubleshooting tips and information on creating and authenticating requests and handling responses in this section.

  • Amazon ElastiCache API Reference

    This separate document covers all of the ElastiCache API operations, including syntax and examples.