Amazon Simple Storage Service
API Reference (API Version 2006-03-01)
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By default, x-amz-copy-source identifies the current version of an object to copy. (If the current version is a delete marker, Amazon S3 behaves as if the object was deleted.) To copy a different version, use the versionId subresource.

If you enable versioning on the target bucket, Amazon S3 generates a unique version ID for the object being copied. This version ID is different from the version ID of the source object. Amazon S3 returns the version ID of the copied object in the x-amz-version-id response header in the response.

If you do not enable versioning or suspend it on the target bucket, the version ID that Amazon S3 generates is always null.

If the source object's storage class is GLACIER, then you must restore a copy of this object before you can use it as a source object for the copy operation. For more information, see POST Object restore.

To see sample requests that use versioning, see Sample Request: Copying a specified version of an object.