Amazon Simple Storage Service
开发人员指南 (API 版本 2006-03-01)
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使用 IAM 用户临时证书进行请求 - 适用于 Ruby 的 AWS 开发工具包

IAM 用户或 AWS 账户可以使用适用于 Ruby 的 AWS 开发工具包请求临时安全凭证,然后使用这些凭证访问 Amazon S3。在会话持续时间结束后,这些凭证将过期。默认情况下,会话的持续时间为一个小时。如果使用了 IAM 用户凭证,则可在请求临时安全凭证时指定持续时间 (1 到 36 小时)。有关请求临时安全凭证的信息,请参阅创建请求


如果您使用 AWS 账户安全凭证获取临时安全凭证,则临时安全凭证的有效期仅为一个小时。只有当您使用 IAM 用户凭证请求会话时,才可以指定会话持续时间。

以下 Ruby 示例将创建一个临时用户来列出指定存储桶中的项目 1 小时。要使用此示例,则必须具有 AWS 凭证,此类凭证具有创建新的 AWS Security Token Service (AWS STS) 客户端和列出 Amazon S3 存储桶所需的权限。

# This snippet example does the following: # The following Ruby example creates a temporary user to list the items in a specified bucket # for one hour. To use this example, you must have AWS credentials that have the necessary # permissions to create new AWS Security Token Service (AWS STS) clients, and list Amazon S3 buckets using temporary security credentials # using your AWS account security credentials, the temporary security credentials are valid for only one hour. You can # specify session duration only if you use &IAM; user credentials to request a session. require 'aws-sdk-core' require 'aws-sdk-s3' require 'aws-sdk-iam' USAGE = <<DOC Usage: assumerole_create_bucket_policy.rb -b BUCKET -u USER [-r REGION] [-d] [-h] Assumes a role for USER to list items in BUCKET for one hour. BUCKET is required and must already exist. USER is required and if not found, is created. If REGION is not supplied, defaults to us-west-2. -d gives you extra (debugging) information. -h displays this message and quits. DOC def print_debug(debug, s) if debug puts s end end # Get the user if they exist, otherwise create them def get_user(region, user_name, debug) iam = region) # See if user exists user = iam.user(user_name) # If user does not exist, create them if user == nil user = iam.create_user(user_name: user_name) iam.wait_until(:user_exists, user_name: user_name) print_debug(debug, "Created new user #{user_name}") else print_debug(debug, "Found user #{user_name} in region #{region}") end user end # main region = 'us-west-2' user_name = '' bucket_name = '' i = 0 while i &lt; ARGV.length case ARGV[i] when '-b' i += 1 bucket_name = ARGV[i] when '-u' i += 1 user_name = ARGV[i] when '-r' i += 1 region = ARGV[i] when '-h' puts USAGE exit 0 else puts 'Unrecognized option: ' + ARGV[i] puts USAGE exit 1 end i += 1 end if bucket_name == '' puts 'You must supply a bucket name' puts USAGE exit 1 end if user_name == '' puts 'You must supply a user name' puts USAGE exit 1 end # Create a new Amazon STS client and get temporary credentials. This uses a role that was already created. begin creds = client: region), role_arn: "arn:aws:iam::111122223333:role/assumedrolelist", role_session_name: "assumerole-s3-list" ) # Create an Amazon S3 resource with temporary credentials. s3 = region, credentials: creds) puts "Contents of '%s':" % bucket_name puts ' Name => GUID' s3.bucket(bucket_name).objects.limit(50).each do |obj| puts " #{obj.key} => #{obj.etag}" end rescue StandardError => ex puts 'Caught exception accessing bucket ' + bucket_name + ':' puts ex.message end