02-write-data.py - Amazon DynamoDB
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02-write-data.py 程序向 TryDaxTable 中写入测试数据。

import boto3 def write_data_to_dax_table(key_count, item_size, dyn_resource=None): """ Writes test data to the demonstration table. :param key_count: The number of partition and sort keys to use to populate the table. The total number of items is key_count * key_count. :param item_size: The size of non-key data for each test item. :param dyn_resource: Either a Boto3 or DAX resource. """ if dyn_resource is None: dyn_resource = boto3.resource('dynamodb') table = dyn_resource.Table('TryDaxTable') some_data = 'X' * item_size for partition_key in range(1, key_count + 1): for sort_key in range(1, key_count + 1): table.put_item(Item={ 'partition_key': partition_key, 'sort_key': sort_key, 'some_data': some_data }) print(f"Put item ({partition_key}, {sort_key}) succeeded.") if __name__ == '__main__': write_key_count = 10 write_item_size = 1000 print(f"Writing {write_key_count*write_key_count} items to the table. " f"Each item is {write_item_size} characters.") write_data_to_dax_table(write_key_count, write_item_size)