Service Quotas - Amazon Athena
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Service Quotas


“服务配额”控制台提供有关 Amazon Athena 配额的信息。Along with viewing the default quotas, you can use the Service Quotas console to request quota increases for the quotas that are adjustable.


您的账户对于 AWS 的每个 Amazon Athena: 区域具有以下与查询相关的默认配额:

  • DDL query quota (DDL 查询配额) – 20 个 DDL 有效查询。DDL 查询包括 CREATE TABLECREATE TABLE ADD PARTITION 查询。

  • DDL 查询超时 – DDL 查询超时为 600 分钟。

  • DML query quota – 25 DML active queries in the 美国东部(弗吉尼亚北部)地区; 20 DML active queries in all other Regions. DML 查询包括 SELECTCREATE TABLE AS (CTAS) 查询。

  • DML 查询超时 – DML 查询超时为 30 分钟。

These are soft quotas; you can use the Athena Service Quotas console to request a quota increase.

Athena 会根据总体服务负载和传入请求的数量,通过分配资源来处理查询。Your queries may be temporarily queued before they run. Asynchronous processes pick up the queries from queues and run them on physical resources as soon as the resources become available and for as long as your account configuration permits.

A DML or DDL query quota includes both running and queued queries. For example, if you are using the default DML quota and your total of running and queued queries exceeds 25, query 26 will result in a "too many queries" error.


查询字符串允许的最大长度为 262144 字节,字符串采用 UTF-8 编码。这不是一个可调节的配额。However, you can work around this limitation by splitting long queries into multiple smaller queries. For more information, see How can I increase the maximum query string length in Athena? in the AWS Knowledge Center.


如果您需要更大的查询字符串长度,请通过 提供反馈(包括您的使用案例的详细信息),或联系 AWS Support.


使用 Athena 工作组时,请记住以下几点:

  • Athena 服务配额在账户中的所有工作组之间共享。

  • 可为您账户中的每个区域创建的工作组的最大数量为 1000。

  • 每个工作组的最大标签数是 50。有关更多信息,请参阅 标签限制.

AWS Glue

  • If you are using the AWS Glue 数据目录 with Athena, see AWS Glue Endpoints and Quotas for service quotas on tables, databases, and partitions.

  • 如果您未使用 AWS Glue 数据目录,则每个表的分区数为 20000。您可以请求提高配额.


If you have not yet migrated to AWS Glue 数据目录, see Upgrading to the AWS Glue Data Catalog Step-by-Step for migration instructions.

Amazon S3 存储桶

使用 Amazon S3 存储桶时,请记住以下几点:

  • Amazon S3 的默认服务配额为每个账户 100 个存储桶。

  • Athena 需要一个单独的存储桶来记录结果。

  • 您可以请求每个 Amazon S3 账户最多提高 1000 个 AWS 存储桶的配额。

每个账户 API 调用配额

Athena APIs have the following default quotas for the number of calls to the API per account (not per query):

API 名称 每秒默认调用次数 突增容量
BatchGetNamedQuery, ListNamedQueries, ListQueryExecutions 5 最多 10 个
CreateNamedQuery, DeleteNamedQuery, GetNamedQuery 5 最多 20 个
BatchGetQueryExecution 20 最多 40 个
StartQueryExecution, StopQueryExecution 20 最多 80 个
GetQueryExecution, GetQueryResults 100 最多 200 个

例如,对于 StartQueryExecution,每秒最多可以调用 20 次。In addition, if this API is not called for 4 seconds, your account accumulates a burst capacity of up to 80 calls. 在这种情况下,应用程序在突增模式下最多可以对此 API 进行 80 次调用。

If you use any of these APIs and exceed the default quota for the number of calls per second, or the burst capacity in your account, the Athena API issues an error similar to the following: ""ClientError: An error occurred (ThrottlingException) when calling the <API_name> operation: Rate exceeded." 减少每秒调用次数或此账户的 API 突增容量。要请求提高配额,请联系 AWS Support. 打开 AWS Support Center (AWS 支持中心) 页面,登录(如有必要),然后选择 Create case (创建案例). 选择 Service Limit increase (提高服务限制). 填写并提交表格。


无法在 Athena 服务配额控制台中更改此配额。