LambdaFunctionAssociations - Amazon CloudFront
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A complex type that specifies a list of Lambda functions associations for a cache behavior.

If you want to invoke one or more Lambda functions triggered by requests that match the PathPattern of the cache behavior, specify the applicable values for Quantity and Items. Note that there can be up to 4 LambdaFunctionAssociation items in this list (one for each possible value of EventType) and each EventType can be associated with the Lambda function only once.

If you don't want to invoke any Lambda functions for the requests that match PathPattern, specify 0 for Quantity and omit Items.



Optional: A complex type that contains LambdaFunctionAssociation items for this cache behavior. If Quantity is 0, you can omit Items.

Type: Array of LambdaFunctionAssociation objects

Required: No


The number of Lambda function associations for this cache behavior.

Type: Integer

Required: Yes

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