AWS Database Migration Service
用户指南 (版本 API Version 2016-01-01)
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---------------------------------------------------------------- DMS Migration Checklist ---------------------------------------------------------------- This checklist is for my schemas named: The database engine that my schemas reside on is: ---------------------------------------------------------------- AWS Region for the migration: Name of migration job that you created in the AWS Snowball Management Console: S3 bucket (and folder) for this job: IAM role that has access to the S3 Bucket and the target database on AWS: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Path to the installation directory of AWS SCT (needed for a future step): Name/IP of Machine #1 (SCT): Name/IP of Machine #2 (Connectivity): ---------------------------------------------------------------- IP address of your Snowball Edge: Port for the Snowball Edge: Unlock code for the Snowball Edge device: Path to the manifest file: Output of the command snowballEdge get-secret-access-key: AWS access key ID: AWS secret access Key: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Confirm ODBC drivers is installed on Machine #2 (Connectivity): ---------------------------------------------------------------- Confirm DMS Agent is installed on Machine #2 (Connectivity): Confirm DMS Agent is running two processes: DMS Agent password: DMS Agent port number: Confirm that your firewall allows connectivity: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Name of SCT project: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Confirm that DMS Agent is registered with SCT: New agent or service profile name that you provided: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Confirm local and DMS task exists: Task name that you provided: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Confirm: DMS Agent connects to the following: __ The source database __ The staging S3 bucket __ The Edge device DMS task connects to the following: __ The staging S3 bucket __ The target database on AWS ---------------------------------------------------------------- Confirm the following: __ Stopped Edge client __ Powered off Edge device __ Returned Edge device to AWS