Amazon EMR
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Amazon EMR 托管集群的运行生态系统十分复杂,包括几种类型的开源软件、自定义应用程序代码和 Amazon Web Services。这些部分中任何地方出现问题,都会导致群集失败,延长预计的完成时间。以下主题将帮助您弄明白群集中发生了什么故障,并提供相关的修复建议。

When you are developing a new Hadoop application, we recommend that you enable debugging and process a small but representative subset of your data to test the application. You may also want to run the application step-by-step to test each step separately. For more information, see 配置集群日志记录和调试 and 步骤 5:分步测试群集.