ResourceTargetDefinition - Amazon CloudFormation
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The field that Amazon CloudFormation will change, such as the name of a resource's property, and whether the resource will be recreated.



Indicates which resource attribute is triggering this update, such as a change in the resource attribute's Metadata, Properties, or Tags.

Type: String

Valid Values: Properties | Metadata | CreationPolicy | UpdatePolicy | DeletionPolicy | Tags

Required: No


If the Attribute value is Properties, the name of the property. For all other attributes, the value is null.

Type: String

Required: No


If the Attribute value is Properties, indicates whether a change to this property causes the resource to be recreated. The value can be Never, Always, or Conditionally. To determine the conditions for a Conditionally recreation, see the update behavior for that property in the Amazon CloudFormation User Guide.

Type: String

Valid Values: Never | Conditionally | Always

Required: No

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