ScannedResourceIdentifier - Amazon CloudFormation
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Identifies a scanned resource. This is used with the ListResourceScanRelatedResources API action.


ResourceIdentifier.entry.N.key (key)
ResourceIdentifier.entry.N.value (value)

A list of up to 256 key-value pairs that identifies the scanned resource. The key is the name of one of the primary identifiers for the resource. (Primary identifiers are specified in the primaryIdentifier list in the resource schema.) The value is the value of that primary identifier. For example, for a AWS::DynamoDB::Table resource, the primary identifiers is TableName so the key-value pair could be "TableName": "MyDDBTable". For more information, see primaryIdentifier in the Amazon CloudFormation Command Line Interface User guide for extension development.

Type: String to string map

Required: Yes


The type of the resource, such as AWS::DynamoDB::Table. For the list of supported resources, see IaC generator supported resource types In the Amazon CloudFormation User Guide.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 256.

Required: Yes

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