WarningDetail - Amazon CloudFormation
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The warnings generated for a specific resource for this generated template.



The properties of the resource that are impacted by this warning.

Type: Array of WarningProperty objects

Required: No


The type of this warning. For more information, see IaC generator and write-only properties in the Amazon CloudFormation User Guide.

  • MUTUALLY_EXCLUSIVE_PROPERTIES - The resource requires mutually-exclusive write-only properties. The IaC generator selects one set of mutually exclusive properties and converts the included properties into parameters. The parameter names have a suffix OneOf and the parameter descriptions indicate that the corresponding property can be replaced with other exclusive properties.

  • UNSUPPORTED_PROPERTIES - Unsupported properties are present in the resource. One example of unsupported properties would be a required write-only property that is an array, because a parameter cannot be an array. Another example is an optional write-only property.

  • MUTUALLY_EXCLUSIVE_TYPES - One or more required write-only properties are found in the resource, and the type of that property can be any of several types.


Currently the resource and property reference documentation does not indicate if a property uses a type of oneOf or anyOf. You need to look at the resource provider schema.

Type: String


Required: No

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