AWS::ApplicationInsights::Application LogPatternSet - Amazon CloudFormation
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AWS::ApplicationInsights::Application LogPatternSet

The AWS::ApplicationInsights::Application LogPatternSet property type specifies the log pattern set.


To declare this entity in your Amazon CloudFormation template, use the following syntax:


{ "LogPatterns" : [ LogPattern, ... ], "PatternSetName" : String }



A list of objects that define the log patterns that belong to LogPatternSet.

Required: Yes

Type: List of LogPattern

Update requires: No interruption


The name of the log pattern. A log pattern name can contain up to 30 characters, and it cannot be empty. The characters can be Unicode letters, digits, or one of the following symbols: period, dash, underscore.

Required: Yes

Type: String

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 30

Pattern: [a-zA-Z0-9\.\-_]*

Update requires: No interruption