AWS::Batch::JobDefinition RetryStrategy - Amazon CloudFormation
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AWS::Batch::JobDefinition RetryStrategy

The retry strategy associated with a job. For more information, see Automated job retries in the Amazon Batch User Guide.


To declare this entity in your Amazon CloudFormation template, use the following syntax:


{ "Attempts" : Integer, "EvaluateOnExit" : [ EvaluateOnExit, ... ] }



The number of times to move a job to the RUNNABLE status. You can specify between 1 and 10 attempts. If the value of attempts is greater than one, the job is retried on failure the same number of attempts as the value.

Required: No

Type: Integer

Update requires: No interruption


Array of up to 5 objects that specify conditions under which the job should be retried or failed. If this parameter is specified, then the attempts parameter must also be specified. If none of the listed conditions match, then the job is retried.

Required: No

Type: List of EvaluateOnExit

Update requires: No interruption


Retrying jobs

This example will retry the job attempt up to 3 times if the job status reason is either AGENT or Task failed to start. The final rule matches all other job failures and exits. If none of the entries in EvaluateOnExit match the job failure, the job will be retried.


RetryStrategy: Attempts: 3 EvaluateOnExit: - Action: RETRY OnReason: AGENT - Action: RETRY OnReason: Task failed to start - Action: EXIT OnReason: "*"


{ "Attempts": 3, "EvaluateOnExit": [ { "Action": "RETRY", "OnReason": "AGENT" }, { "Action": "RETRY", "OnReason": "Task failed to start" }, { "Action": "EXIT", "OnReason": "*" } ] }