AWS::QuickSight::Template LayoutConfiguration - Amazon CloudFormation
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AWS::QuickSight::Template LayoutConfiguration

The configuration that determines what the type of layout will be used on a sheet.

This is a union type structure. For this structure to be valid, only one of the attributes can be defined.


To declare this entity in your Amazon CloudFormation template, use the following syntax:



A free-form is optimized for a fixed width and has more control over the exact placement of layout elements.

Required: No

Type: FreeFormLayoutConfiguration

Update requires: No interruption


A type of layout that can be used on a sheet. In a grid layout, visuals snap to a grid with standard spacing and alignment. Dashboards are displayed as designed, with options to fit to screen or view at actual size. A grid layout can be configured to behave in one of two ways when the viewport is resized: FIXED or RESPONSIVE.

Required: No

Type: GridLayoutConfiguration

Update requires: No interruption


A section based layout organizes visuals into multiple sections and has customized header, footer and page break.

Required: No

Type: SectionBasedLayoutConfiguration

Update requires: No interruption