AWS::WAF::WebACL ActivatedRule - Amazon CloudFormation
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AWS::WAF::WebACL ActivatedRule

The ActivatedRule object in an UpdateWebACL request specifies a Rule that you want to insert or delete, the priority of the Rule in the WebACL, and the action that you want Amazon WAF to take when a web request matches the Rule (ALLOW, BLOCK, or COUNT).

To specify whether to insert or delete a Rule, use the Action parameter in the WebACLUpdate data type.


To declare this entity in your Amazon CloudFormation template, use the following syntax:


{ "Action" : WafAction, "Priority" : Integer, "RuleId" : String }


Action: WafAction Priority: Integer RuleId: String



Specifies the action that Amazon CloudFront or Amazon WAF takes when a web request matches the conditions in the Rule. Valid values for Action include the following:

  • ALLOW: CloudFront responds with the requested object.

  • BLOCK: CloudFront responds with an HTTP 403 (Forbidden) status code.

  • COUNT: Amazon WAF increments a counter of requests that match the conditions in the rule and then continues to inspect the web request based on the remaining rules in the web ACL.

ActivatedRule|OverrideAction applies only when updating or adding a RuleGroup to a WebACL. In this case, you do not use ActivatedRule|Action. For all other update requests, ActivatedRule|Action is used instead of ActivatedRule|OverrideAction.

Required: No

Type: WafAction

Update requires: No interruption


Specifies the order in which the Rules in a WebACL are evaluated. Rules with a lower value for Priority are evaluated before Rules with a higher value. The value must be a unique integer. If you add multiple Rules to a WebACL, the values don't need to be consecutive.

Required: Yes

Type: Integer

Update requires: No interruption


The RuleId for a Rule. You use RuleId to get more information about a Rule, update a Rule, insert a Rule into a WebACL or delete a one from a WebACL, or delete a Rule from Amazon WAF.

RuleId is returned by CreateRule and by ListRules.

Required: Yes

Type: String

Pattern: .*\S.*

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 128

Update requires: No interruption