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Adds an external destination to your SQL-based Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics application.

If you want Kinesis Data Analytics to deliver data from an in-application stream within your application to an external destination (such as an Kinesis data stream, a Kinesis Data Firehose delivery stream, or an Amazon Lambda function), you add the relevant configuration to your application using this operation. You can configure one or more outputs for your application. Each output configuration maps an in-application stream and an external destination.

You can use one of the output configurations to deliver data from your in-application error stream to an external destination so that you can analyze the errors.

Any configuration update, including adding a streaming source using this operation, results in a new version of the application. You can use the DescribeApplication operation to find the current application version.


Creation of multiple outputs should be sequential (use of DependsOn) to avoid a problem with a stale application version (ConcurrentModificationException).


To declare this entity in your Amazon CloudFormation template, use the following syntax:


{ "Type" : "AWS::KinesisAnalyticsV2::ApplicationOutput", "Properties" : { "ApplicationName" : String, "Output" : Output } }


Type: AWS::KinesisAnalyticsV2::ApplicationOutput Properties: ApplicationName: String Output: Output



The name of the application.

Required: Yes

Type: String

Update requires: Replacement


Describes a SQL-based Kinesis Data Analytics application's output configuration, in which you identify an in-application stream and a destination where you want the in-application stream data to be written. The destination can be a Kinesis data stream or a Kinesis Data Firehose delivery stream.

Required: Yes

Type: Output

Update requires: No interruption

Return values



Create an ApplicationOutput object


{ "Type": "AWS::KinesisAnalyticsV2::ApplicationOutput", "Properties": { "ApplicationName": { "Ref": "BasicApplication" }, "Output": { "Name": "exampleOutput", "DestinationSchema": { "RecordFormatType": "CSV" }, "KinesisStreamsOutput": { "ResourceARN": { "Fn::GetAtt": [ "OutputKinesisStream", "Arn" ] } } } } }


Type: AWS::KinesisAnalyticsV2::ApplicationOutput Properties: ApplicationName: Ref: BasicApplication Output: Name: exampleOutput DestinationSchema: RecordFormatType: CSV KinesisStreamsOutput: ResourceARN: Fn::GetAtt: - OutputKinesisStream - Arn

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