Importing a stack into Amazon CloudFormation StackSets - Amazon CloudFormation
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Importing a stack into Amazon CloudFormation StackSets

The Amazon CloudFormation stack import operation can import existing stacks into new or existing stack sets, so that you can migrate existing stacks to a stack set in one operation. StackSets extends the functionality of stacks, so you can create, update, or delete stacks across multiple accounts and Regions with a single operation.

Use the stack import operations for self-managed or service-managed StackSets. For self-managed StackSets, the import operation can import stacks in the administrator account or in different target accounts and Amazon Web Services Regions. For service-managed StackSets, the import operation can import any stack in the same Amazon Organizations as the management account. The import operation can import up to 10 stacks using inline stack IDs or up to 200 stacks using an Amazon S3 object.

Stack import is available wherever StackSets are supported. For information about StackSets Region support, see StackSets regional support.

Requirements for stack import

Because stack sets perform stack operations across multiple accounts, before you can create your first stack set you need the necessary permissions defined in your Amazon Web Services account.


The NoEcho property is not supported by StackSet import. Stacks that contain NoEcho won't be imported into new stack sets through StackSet import.

For more information on StackSets requirements, see Prerequisites for stack set operations.

Before you import a stack into a stack set, make sure you understand the following requirements:

  • Stacks can only belong to one stack set.

  • You can implement stack tags to the stack set by specifying tags explicitly as parameters in the stack import operation.

  • A stack's custom parameter overrides aren't affected during the import operation.

  • The StackSets quotas and stack instances apply when importing stacks. For more information about quotas, see Amazon CloudFormation quotas.