Retrieving a template - Amazon CloudFormation
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Retrieving a template

Amazon CloudFormation stores the template you use to create your stack as part of the stack. To retrieve the template from CloudFormation use the aws cloudformation get-template command.


The aws cloudformation get-template command returns the deleted stacks templates for up to 90 days after the stack has been deleted.

The following example shows the template for the myteststack stack.

PROMPT> aws cloudformation get-template --stack-name myteststack { "TemplateBody": { "AWSTemplateFormatVersion": "2010-09-09", "Outputs": { "BucketName": { "Description": "Name of S3 bucket to hold website content", "Value": { "Ref": "S3Bucket" } } }, "Description": "Amazon CloudFormation Sample Template S3_Bucket: Sample template showing how to create a publicly accessible S3 bucket. **WARNING** This template creates an S3 bucket. You will be billed for the Amazon resources used if you create a stack from this template.", "Resources": { "S3Bucket": { "Type": "AWS::S3::Bucket", "Properties": { "AccessControl": "PublicRead" } } } } }

The output contains the entire template body, enclosed in quotation marks.