Modify an AMI - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
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Modify an AMI

You can modify a limited set of Amazon Machine Image (AMI) attributes, such as the AMI's description and sharing properties. However, AMI content (volume binary data) can't be modified. To modify the AMI content, you must create a new AMI.


You can't modify the content (volume binary data) of an EBS-backed AMI because the snapshots that back them are immutable. You also can't modify the content (volume binary data) of an instance store-backed (S3-backed) Linux AMI because the content is signed, and instance launches will fail if the signatures do not match.

For the AMI attributes that can be modified, see ModifyImageAttribute in the Amazon EC2 API Reference.

The following topics provide instructions for using the Amazon EC2 console and Amazon CLI to modify the attributes of an AMI: