Concepts and terminology - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
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Concepts and terminology

Before you begin using AMD SEV-SNP, ensure that you are familiar with the following concepts and terminology.

AMD SEV-SNP attestation report

The AMD SEV-SNP attestation report is a document that an instance can request from the CPU. The AMD SEV-SNP attestation report can be used to validate the state and identity of an instance, and to verify that it is running in a sanctioned AMD environment. The report includes a launch measurement, which is a cryptographic hash of the initial boot state of an instance, including its initial instance memory contents and initial state of the vCPUs. The AMD SEV-SNP attestation report is signed with a VLEK signature that chains back to an AMD root of trust.


The Versioned Loaded Endorsement Key (VLEK) is a versioned signing key that is certified by AMD and used by the AMD CPU to sign the AMD SEV-SNP attestation reports. VLEK signatures can be validated using certificates provided by AMD.

OVMF binary

The Open Virtual Machine Firmware (OVMF) is the early-boot code that is used to provide a UEFI environment for the instance. The early-boot code is run before the code in the AMI is booted. The OVMF also finds and runs the boot loader provided in the AMI. For more information, see the OVMF repository.