Step 1: Launch an EC2 instance with an added EBS volume - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
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Step 1: Launch an EC2 instance with an added EBS volume

To launch an instance you choose an Amazon Web Services Region, an operating system (OS), an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), an instance type, use a key pair to securely connect to your instance, set up the network, and configure storage. When you launch an instance, choose a descriptive name to make it easy to identify the instance. In this step, you launch an instance called tutorial-volumes.


This tutorial uses the Amazon Linux 2 AMI and may not work for other custom AMIs using a different Linux distribution.

For more information about Amazon Linux 2 AMIs, see Amazon Linux 2 and Amazon Linux AMI.

You can view an animation that shows you how to launch an EC2 instance with an EBS volume by expanding View an animation: Launch an EC2 instance with an added EBS volume. For the written steps, see the procedure that follows.

                        This animation shows you how to launch an EC2 instance with an added EBS volume. For the text version of this animation, see the steps
                        in the following procedure.
To launch an EC2 instance
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the Amazon EC2 console at

  2. On the EC2 Dashboard, choose Launch instance.

  3. Under Name and tags, for Name, enter tutorial-volumes.

  4. Under Application and OS Images, select Quick Start, and verify the following defaults:

    1. Amazon Linux is selected as the OS for your instance.

    2. Under Amazon Machine Image (AMI), Amazon Linux 2 AMI is selected.

  5. Under Instance type, select t3.micro.

  6. Under Key pair (login), choose your key pair.

  7. Under Network settings, ensure that Allow SSH traffic check box is selected. This allows you to connect to your instance using SSH.


    For security reasons, do not choose Anywhere for Source. This allows access to your instance from all IP addresses on the internet. This is acceptable for the purposes of this tutorial, but it is unsafe for production environments.

  8. Under Configure storage, choose Add new volume. Ensure that the added EBS volume size is 8 GB and the type is gp3.

    1. To ensure that the data volume is deleted upon termination of the instance, choose Advanced. Under Volume 2 (Custom), select Delete on termination, and select Yes.

  9. In the Summary panel, choose Launch instance.

  10. Choose View all instances to close the confirmation page and return to the Amazon EC2 console.

For more information about launching an instance, see Launch an instance using the new launch instance wizard.