Monitor your .NET and SQL Server applications with CloudWatch Application Insights - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
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Monitor your .NET and SQL Server applications with CloudWatch Application Insights

CloudWatch Application Insights helps you monitor your .NET and SQL Server applications that use Amazon EC2 instances along with other Amazon application resources. It identifies and sets up key metrics logs, and alarms across your application resources and technology stack (for example, your Microsoft SQL Server database, web (IIS) and application servers, OS, load balancers, and queues). It continuously monitors the metrics and logs to detect and correlate anomalies and errors. When errors and anomalies are detected, Application Insights generates CloudWatch Events that you can use to set up notifications or take actions. To aid with troubleshooting, it creates automated dashboards for the detected problems, which include correlated metric anomalies and log errors, along with additional insights to point you to the potential root cause. The automated dashboards help you to take swift remedial actions to keep your applications healthy and to prevent impact to the end users of your application.

To view a complete list of supported logs and metrics, see Logs and Metrics Supported by Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights.

Information provided about detected problems:
  • A short summary of the problem

  • The start time and date of the problem

  • The problem severity: High/Medium/Low

  • The status of the detected problem: In‐progress/Resolved

  • Insights: Automatically generated insights on the detected problem and possible root cause

  • Feedback on insights: Feedback you have provided about the usefulness of the insights generated by CloudWatch Application Insights for .NET and SQL Server

  • Related observations: A detailed view of the metric anomalies and error snippets of relevant logs related to the problem across various application components


You can provide feedback on automatically generated insights on detected problems by designating them useful or not useful. Your feedback on the insights, along with your application diagnostics (metric anomalies and log exceptions), are used to improve the future detection of similar problems.

For more information, see the CloudWatch Application Insights documentation in the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide.