Accessing Amazon EventBridge Pipes through the Amazon SQS console - Amazon Simple Queue Service
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Accessing Amazon EventBridge Pipes through the Amazon SQS console

Amazon EventBridge Pipes connect sources to targets. Pipes are intended for point-to-point integrations between supported sources and targets, with support for advanced transformations and enrichment. EventBridge Pipes provide a highly scalable way to connect your Amazon SQS queue to Amazon services such as Step Functions, Amazon SQS, and API Gateway, as well as third-party software as a service (SaaS) applications like Salesforce.

To set up a pipe, you choose the source, add optional filtering, define optional enrichment, and choose the target for the event data.

On the details page for an Amazon SQS queue, you can view the pipes that use that queue as their source. From there, you can also:

  • Launch the EventBridge console to view pipe details.

  • Launch the EventBridge console to create a new pipe with the queue as its source.

For more information on configuring an Amazon SQS queue as a pipe source, see Amazon SQS queue as a source in the Amazon EventBridge User Guide. For more information about EventBridge Pipes in general, see EventBridge Pipes.

To access EventBridge pipes for a given Amazon SQS queue
  1. Open the Queues page of the Amazon SQS console.

  2. Select a queue.

  3. On the queue detail page, choose the EventBridge Pipes tab.

    The EventBridge Pipes tab includes a list of any pipes currently configured to use the selected queue as a source, including:

    • pipe name

    • current status

    • pipe target

    • when the pipe was last modified

  4. View more pipe details or create a new pipe, if desired:

    • To access more details about a pipe:

      Choose the pipe name.

      This launches the Pipe details page of the EventBridge console.

    • To create a new pipe:

      Choose Connect Amazon SQS queue to pipe.

      This launches the Create pipe page of the EventBridge console, with the Amazon SQS queue specified as the pipe source. For more information, see Creating an EventBridge pipe in the Amazon EventBridge User Guide.


      A message on an Amazon SQS queue is read by a single pipe and then deleted from the queue after being processed, whether or not the message matches the filter you can configured for that pipe. Proceed with caution when configuring multiple pipes to use the same queue as their source.