Amazon SQS FIFO queue quotas - Amazon Simple Queue Service
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Amazon SQS FIFO queue quotas

Amazon SQS quotas

The following table lists quotas related to FIFO queues.

Quota Description
Delay queue The default (minimum) delay for a queue is 0 seconds. The maximum is 15 minutes.
Listed queues 1,000 queues per ListQueues request.
Long polling wait time The maximum long polling wait time is 20 seconds.
Message groups There is no quota to the number of message groups within a FIFO queue.
Messages per queue (backlog) The number of messages that an Amazon SQS queue can store is unlimited.
Messages per queue (in flight)

For FIFO queues, there can be a maximum of 20,000 in flight messages (received from a queue by a consumer, but not yet deleted from the queue). If you reach this quota, Amazon SQS returns no error messages.

Queue name

The name of a FIFO queue must end with the .fifo suffix. The suffix counts towards the 80-character queue name quota. To determine whether a queue is FIFO, you can check whether the queue name ends with the suffix.

Queue tag

We don't recommend adding more than 50 tags to a queue. Tagging supports Unicode characters in UTF-8.

The tag Key is required, but the tag Value is optional.
The tag Key and tag Value are case-sensitive.
The tag Key and tag Value can include Unicode alphanumeric characters in UTF-8 and whitespaces. The following special characters are allowed: _ . : / = + - @
The tag Key or Value must not include the reserved prefix aws: (you can't delete tag keys or values with this prefix).
The maximum tag Key length is 128 Unicode characters in UTF-8. The tag Key must not be empty or null.
The maximum tag Value length is 256 Unicode characters in UTF-8. The tag Value may be empty or null.
Tagging actions are limited to 30 TPS per Amazon Web Services account. If your application requires a higher throughput, submit a request.