Attribute-based access control for Amazon SQS - Amazon Simple Queue Service
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Attribute-based access control for Amazon SQS

What is ABAC?

Attribute-based access control (ABAC) is an authorization process that defines permissions based on tags that are attached to users and Amazon resources. ABAC provides granular and flexible access control based on attributes and values, reduces security risk related to reconfigured role-based policies, and centralizes auditing and access policy management. For more details about ABAC, see What is ABAC for Amazon in the IAM User Guide.

Amazon SQS supports ABAC by allowing you to control access to your Amazon SQS queues based on the tags and aliases that are associated with an Amazon SQS queue. The tag and alias condition keys that enable ABAC in Amazon SQS authorize IAM principals to use Amazon SQS queues without editing policies or managing grants.

With ABAC, you can use tags to configure IAM access permissions and policies for your Amazon SQS queues, which helps you to scale your permissions management. You can create a single permissions policy in IAM using tags that you add to each business role—without having to update the policy each time you add a new resource. You can also attach tags to IAM principals to create an ABAC policy. You can design ABAC policies to allow Amazon SQS operations when the tag on the IAM user role that's making the call matches the Amazon SQS queue tag. To learn more about tagging in Amazon, see Amazon Tagging Strategies and Amazon SQS cost allocation tags.


ABAC for Amazon SQS is currently available in all Amazon Commercial Regions where Amazon SQS is available, with the following exceptions:

  • Asia Pacific (Hyderabad)

  • Asia Pacific (Melbourne)

  • Europe (Spain)

  • Europe (Zurich)

Why should I use ABAC in Amazon SQS?

Here are some benefits of using ABAC in Amazon SQS:

  • ABAC for Amazon SQS requires fewer permissions policies. You don't have to create different policies for different job functions. You can use resource and request tags that apply to more than one queue, which reduces operational overhead.

  • Use ABAC to scale teams quickly. Permissions for new resources are automatically granted based on tags when resources are appropriately tagged during their creation.

  • Use permissions on the IAM principal to restrict resource access. You can create tags for the IAM principal and use them to restrict access to specific actions that match the tags on the IAM principal. This helps you to automate the process of granting request permissions.

  • Track who's accessing your resources. You can determine the identity of a session by looking at user attributes in Amazon CloudTrail.