Sending a message with attributes - Amazon Simple Queue Service
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Sending a message with attributes

For standard and FIFO queues, you can include structured metadata (such as timestamps, geospatial data, signatures, and identifiers) with messages. For more information, see Amazon SQS message attributes.

To send a message with attributes to a queue using the Amazon SQS console
  1. Open the Amazon SQS console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Queues.

  3. On the Queues page, choose a queue.

  4. Choose Send and receive messages.

  5. Enter the message attribute parameters.

    1. In the name text box, enter a unique name of up to 256 characters.

    2. For the attribute type, choose String, Number, or Binary.

    3. (Optional) Enter a custom data type. For example, you could add byte, int, or float as custom data types for Number.

    4. In the value text box, enter the message attribute value.

    The Amazon SQS console displaying the Message attributes section.
  6. To add another message attribute., choose Add new attribute.

    The Amazon SQS console displaying the Remove button in the Message attributes section.
  7. You can modify the attribute values any time before sending the message.

  8. To delete an attribute, choose Remove. To delete the first attribute, close Message attributes.

  9. When you finish adding attributes to the message, choose Send message. Your message is sent and the console displays a success message. To view information about the message attributes of the sent message, choose View details. Choose Done to close the Message details dialog box.