Sending messages to a queue (console) - Amazon Simple Queue Service
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Sending messages to a queue (console)

After you create your queue, you can send messages to it.

To send a message (console)

  1. Open the Amazon SQS console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Queues.

  3. On the Queues page, choose a queue.

  4. Choose Send and receive messages.

    The console displays the Send and receive messages page.

  5. In the Message body, enter the message text.

  6. For a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) queue, enter a Message group ID. For more information, see FIFO delivery logic.

  7. (Optional) For a FIFO queue, you can enter a Message deduplication ID. If you enabled content-based deduplication for the queue, the message deduplication ID isn't required. For more information, see FIFO delivery logic.

  8. (Optional) For a standard queue, you can enter a value for Delivery delay and choose the units. For example, enter 60 and choose seconds. FIFO queues don't support timers on individual messages. For more information, see Amazon SQS message timers.

  9. Choose Send message.

    When your message is sent, the console displays a success message. Choose View details to display information about the sent message.