MetricStreamStatisticsConfiguration - Amazon CloudWatch
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By default, a metric stream always sends the MAX, MIN, SUM, and SAMPLECOUNT statistics for each metric that is streamed. This structure contains information for one metric that includes additional statistics in the stream. For more information about statistics, see CloudWatch, listed in CloudWatch statistics definitions.



The list of additional statistics that are to be streamed for the metrics listed in the IncludeMetrics array in this structure. This list can include as many as 20 statistics.

If the OutputFormat for the stream is opentelemetry0.7, the only valid values are p?? percentile statistics such as p90, p99 and so on.

If the OutputFormat for the stream is json, the valid values include the abbreviations for all of the statistics listed in CloudWatch statistics definitions. For example, this includes tm98, wm90, PR(:300), and so on.

Type: Array of strings

Required: Yes


An array of metric name and namespace pairs that stream the additional statistics listed in the value of the AdditionalStatistics parameter. There can be as many as 100 pairs in the array.

All metrics that match the combination of metric name and namespace will be streamed with the additional statistics, no matter their dimensions.

Type: Array of MetricStreamStatisticsMetric objects

Required: Yes

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