Add a Lambda function target using an Amazon SDK - Amazon CloudWatch Events
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Add a Lambda function target using an Amazon SDK

The following code examples show how to add an Amazon Lambda function target to an Amazon CloudWatch Events event.

SDK for Java 2.x

To learn how to set up and run this example, see GitHub.

public static void putCWTargets(CloudWatchEventsClient cwe, String ruleName, String functionArn, String targetId ) { try { Target target = Target.builder() .arn(functionArn) .id(targetId) .build(); PutTargetsRequest request = PutTargetsRequest.builder() .targets(target) .rule(ruleName) .build(); cwe.putTargets(request); System.out.printf( "Successfully created CloudWatch events target for rule %s", ruleName); } catch (CloudWatchException e) { System.err.println(e.awsErrorDetails().errorMessage()); System.exit(1); } }
  • For API details, see PutTargets in Amazon SDK for Java 2.x API Reference.

SDK for JavaScript V3

To learn how to set up and run this example, see GitHub.

Create the client in a separate module and export it.

import { CloudWatchEventsClient } from "@aws-sdk/client-cloudwatch-events"; // Set the AWS Region. const REGION = "REGION"; //e.g. "us-east-1" // Create an Amazon CloudWatch service client object. export const cweClient = new CloudWatchEventsClient({ region: REGION });

Import the SDK and client modules and call the API.

// Import required AWS SDK clients and commands for Node.js import { PutTargetsCommand } from "@aws-sdk/client-cloudwatch-events"; import { cweClient } from "./libs/cloudWatchEventsClient.js"; // Set the parameters export const params = { Rule: "DEMO_EVENT", Targets: [ { Arn: "LAMBDA_FUNCTION_ARN", //LAMBDA_FUNCTION_ARN Id: "myCloudWatchEventsTarget", }, ], }; export const run = async () => { try { const data = await cweClient.send(new PutTargetsCommand(params)); console.log("Success, target added; requestID: ", data); return data; // For unit tests. } catch (err) { console.log("Error", err); } }; // Uncomment this line to run execution within this file. // run();
SDK for JavaScript V2

To learn how to set up and run this example, see GitHub.

// Load the AWS SDK for Node.js var AWS = require('aws-sdk'); // Set the region AWS.config.update({region: 'REGION'}); // Create CloudWatchEvents service object var cwevents = new AWS.CloudWatchEvents({apiVersion: '2015-10-07'}); var params = { Rule: 'DEMO_EVENT', Targets: [ { Arn: 'LAMBDA_FUNCTION_ARN', Id: 'myCloudWatchEventsTarget', } ] }; cwevents.putTargets(params, function(err, data) { if (err) { console.log("Error", err); } else { console.log("Success", data); } });

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