View running queries or query history - Amazon CloudWatch Logs
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View running queries or query history

You can view the queries currently in progress as well as your recent query history.

Queries currently running includes queries you have added to a dashboard. You are limited to 30 concurrent CloudWatch Logs Insights queries per account, including queries added to dashboards.

To view your recent query history
  1. Open the CloudWatch console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Logs, and then choose Logs Insights.

  3. Choose History, if you are using the new design for the CloudWatch Logs console. If you are using the old design, choose Actions, View query history for this account.

    A list of your recent queries appears. You can run any of them again by selecting the query and choosing Run.

    Under Status, CloudWatch Logs displays In progress for any queries that are currently running.