How CloudWatch Evidently collects and stores data - Amazon CloudWatch
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How CloudWatch Evidently collects and stores data

Amazon CloudWatch Evidently collects and stores data related to project configurations so that customers can run experiments and launches. The data includes the following:

  • Metadata about projects, features, launches, and experiments

  • Metric events

  • Evaluation data

Resource metadata is stored in Amazon DynamoDB. The data is encrypted at rest by default, using Amazon owned keys. These keys are a collection of Amazon KMS keys that an Amazon Web Service owns and manages for use in multiple Amazon Web Services accounts. Customers can’t view, manage, or audit the use of these keys. Customers are also not required to take action or change programs to protect the keys that encrypt their data.

For more information, see Amazon owned keys in the Amazon Key Management Service Developer Guide.

Evidently metric events and evaluation events are delivered directly to customer-owned locations.

Data in transit is automatically encrypted with HTTPS. This data will be delivered to customer-owned locations.

You can also choose to store evaluation events in Amazon Simple Storage Service or Amazon CloudWatch Logs. For more information about how you can secure your data in these services, see Enabling Amazon S3 default bucket encryption and Encrypting log data in CloudWatch Logs using Amazon KMS.

Retrieving data

You can retrieve your data using CloudWatch Evidently APIs. To retrieve project data, use GetProject or ListProjects.

To retrieve feature data, use GetFeature or ListFeatures.

To retrieve launch data, use GetLaunch or ListLaunches.

To retrieve experiment data, use GetExperiment, ListExperiments, or GetExperimentResults.

Modifying and deleting data

You can modify and delete your data using CloudWatch Evidently APIs. For project data, use UpdateProject or DeleteProject.

For feature data, use UpdateFeature or DeleteFeature.

For launch data, use UpdateLaunch or DeleteLaunch.

For experiment data, use UpdateExperiment or DeleteExperiment.