Monitor and optimize with the Internet Monitor dashboard - Amazon CloudWatch
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Monitor and optimize with the Internet Monitor dashboard

The information in this section describes how to filter and view information on the Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor dashboard to visualize and get insights about your Amazon application's internet traffic and setup.

After you create a monitor to monitor your application's internet performance and availability, Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor publishes CloudWatch logs containing internet measurements for client location-network (city-network) pairs, and publishes aggregated CloudWatch metrics for traffic to your application, and to each Amazon Web Services Region and edge location. You can filter, explore, and get action-oriented suggestions from this information from Internet Monitor in several different ways.

To get started, on the CloudWatch console, under Application monitoring, choose Internet Monitor.

This section primarily describes how to filter and view Internet Monitor metrics using the Amazon Web Services Management Console. Alternatively, you can use Internet Monitor API operations with the Amazon CLI or an SDK to work directly with Internet Monitor events stored in CloudWatch Logs files. For more information, see Using your monitor and measurements information. For more information about using API operations, see Examples of using the CLI with Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor and the Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor API Reference.

There are three tabs in the Internet Monitor dashboard:

  • On the Overview tab, you can see current and historical performance and availability information about your application, and health events impacting your client locations.

  • On the next tab, Historical explorer, you can filter by location, ASN, date, and so on, and visualize metrics for your internet traffic over time, using the graphs.

  • On the Traffic insights tab, in addition to viewing information about top monitored traffic summarized in several customizable ways, you can get suggestions for optimized setups to improve performance for different location and ASN pairs. Internet Monitor predicts your application's performance improvement, based on your traffic patterns and past performance, when you change how you route your traffic or the Amazon resources you use. You can also see a graph to compare how many city-networks are included in your monitoring coverage, based on the application traffic percentage that you choose for your monitor.

In addition, because Internet Monitor generates and publishes log files with the measurements about your traffic, you can use other CloudWatch tools in the console to further visualize the data published by Internet Monitor, including CloudWatch Contributor Insights, CloudWatch Metrics, and CloudWatch Logs Insights. For more information, see Viewing log files with CloudWatch tools.

Learn about using Internet Monitor to explore your performance and availability measurements in the following sections.