Step 4: Insert the code snippet into your application - Amazon CloudWatch
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Step 4: Insert the code snippet into your application

Next, you insert the code snippet that you created in the previous section into your application.


The web client, downloaded and configured by the code snippet, uses cookies (or similar technologies) to help you collect end user data. Before you insert the code snippet, see Filtering by metadata attributes in the console Data protection and data privacy with CloudWatch RUM.

If you don't have the code snippet that was previously generated, you can find it by following the directions in How do I find a code snippet that I've already generated?.

To insert the CloudWatch RUM code snippet into your application
  1. Insert the code snippet that you copied or downloaded in the previous section inside the <head> element of your application. Insert it before the <body> element or any other <script> tags.

    The following is an example of a generated code snippet:

    <script> (function (n, i, v, r, s, c, x, z) { x = window.AwsRumClient = {q: [], n: n, i: i, v: v, r: r, c: c}; window[n] = function (c, p) { x.q.push({c: c, p: p}); }; z = document.createElement('script'); z.async = true; z.src = s; document.head.insertBefore(z, document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]); })('cwr', '194a1c89-87d8-41a3-9d1b-5c5cd3dafbd0', '1.0.0', 'us-east-2', '', { sessionSampleRate: 1, guestRoleArn: "arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/RUM-Monitor-us-east-2-123456789012-5934510917361-Unauth", identityPoolId: "us-east-2:c90ef0ac-e3b8-4d1a-b313-7e73cfd21443", endpoint: "", telemetries: ["performance", "errors", "http"], allowCookies: true, enableXRay: false }); </script>
  2. If your application is a multipage web application, you must repeat step 1 for each HTML page that you want included in the data collection.