CloudWatch usage metrics - Amazon CloudWatch
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CloudWatch usage metrics

CloudWatch collects metrics that track the usage of some Amazon resources. These metrics correspond to Amazon service quotas. Tracking these metrics can help you proactively manage your quotas. For more information, see Visualizing your service quotas and setting alarms.

Service quota usage metrics are in the AWS/Usage namespace and are collected every minute.

Currently, the only metric name in this namespace that CloudWatch publishes is CallCount. This metric is published with the dimensions Resource, Service, and Type. The Resource dimension specifies the name of the API operation being tracked. For example, the CallCount metric with the dimensions "Service": "CloudWatch", "Type": "API" and "Resource": "PutMetricData" indicates the number of times the CloudWatch PutMetricData API operation has been called in your account.

The CallCount metric does not have a specified unit. The most useful statistic for the metric is SUM, which represents the total operation count for the 1-minute period.


Metric Description


The number of specified operations performed in your account.


Dimension Description


The name of the Amazon service containing the resource. For CloudWatch usage metrics, the value for this dimension is CloudWatch.


The class of resource being tracked. CloudWatch API usage metrics use this dimension with a value of None.


The type of resource being tracked. Currently, when the Service dimension is CloudWatch, the only valid value for Type is API.


The name of the API operation. Valid values include the following:

DeleteAlarms, DeleteDashboards, DescribeAlarmHistory, DescribeAlarms, GetDashboard, GetMetricData, GetMetricStatistics, ListMetrics, PutDashboard, and PutMetricData