Troubleshooting - Amazon CloudWatch
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If you're not seeing metric data at your final destination, check the following:

  • Check that the metric stream is in the running state. For steps on how to use the CloudWatch console to do this, see Metric stream operation and maintenance.

  • Metrics published more than two days in the past are not streamed. To determine whether a particular metric will be streamed, graph the metric in the CloudWatch console and check how old the last visible datapoint is. If it is more than two days in the past, then it won't be picked up by metric streams.

  • Check the metrics emitted by the metric stream. In the CloudWatch console, under Metrics, look at the AWS/CloudWatch/MetricStreams namespace for the MetricUpdate, TotalMetricUpdate, and PublishErrorRate metrics.

  • If the PublishErrorRate metric is high, confirm that the destination that is used by the Firehose delivery stream exists and that the IAM role specified in the metric stream's configuration grants the CloudWatch service principal permissions to write to it. For more information, see Trust between CloudWatch and Firehose.

  • Check that the Firehose delivery stream has permission to write to the final destination.

  • In the Firehose console, view the Firehose delivery stream that is used for the metric stream and check the Monitoring tab to see whether the Firehose delivery stream is receiving data.

  • Confirm that you have configured your Firehose delivery stream with the correct details.

  • Check any available logs or metrics for the final destination that the Firehose delivery stream writes to.

  • To get more detailed information, enable CloudWatch Logs error logging on the Firehose delivery stream. For more information, see Monitoring Amazon Data Firehose Using CloudWatch Logs.