Sample App Mesh workload for Amazon ECS clusters - Amazon CloudWatch
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Sample App Mesh workload for Amazon ECS clusters

To collect metrics from a sample Prometheus workload for Amazon ECS, you must be running Container Insights in the cluster. For information about installing Container Insights, see Setting up Container Insights on Amazon ECS.

First, follow this walkthrough to deploy the sample color app on your Amazon ECS cluster. After you finish, you will have App Mesh Prometheus metrics exposed on port 9901.

Next, follow these steps to install the CloudWatch agent with Prometheus monitoring on the same Amazon ECS cluster where you installed the color app. The steps in this section install the CloudWatch agent in bridge network mode.

The environment variables ENVIRONMENT_NAME, AWS_PROFILE, and AWS_DEFAULT_REGION that you set in the walkthrough will also be used in the following steps.

To install the CloudWatch agent with Prometheus monitoring for testing
  1. Download the Amazon CloudFormation template by entering the following command.

    curl -O
  2. Set the network mode by entering the following commands.

  3. Create the Amazon CloudFormation stack by entering the following commands.

    aws cloudformation create-stack --stack-name CWAgent-Prometheus-ECS-${ECS_CLUSTER_NAME}-EC2-${ECS_NETWORK_MODE} \ --template-body file://cwagent-ecs-prometheus-metric-for-bridge-host.yaml \ --parameters ParameterKey=ECSClusterName,ParameterValue=${ECS_CLUSTER_NAME} \ ParameterKey=CreateIAMRoles,ParameterValue=True \ ParameterKey=ECSNetworkMode,ParameterValue=${ECS_NETWORK_MODE} \ ParameterKey=TaskRoleName,ParameterValue=CWAgent-Prometheus-TaskRole-${ECS_CLUSTER_NAME} \ ParameterKey=ExecutionRoleName,ParameterValue=CWAgent-Prometheus-ExecutionRole-${ECS_CLUSTER_NAME} \ --capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM \ --region ${AWS_DEFAULT_REGION} \ --profile ${AWS_PROFILE}
  4. (Optional) When the Amazon CloudFormation stack is created, you see a CREATE_COMPLETE message. If you to check the status before you see that message, enter the following command.

    aws cloudformation describe-stacks \ --stack-name CWAgent-Prometheus-ECS-${ECS_CLUSTER_NAME}-EC2-${ECS_NETWORK_MODE} \ --query 'Stacks[0].StackStatus' \ --region ${AWS_DEFAULT_REGION} \ --profile ${AWS_PROFILE}


The steps in the walkthrough use jq to parse the output result of the Amazon CLI. For more information about installing jq, see jq. Use the following command to set the default output format of your Amazon CLI to JSON so jq can parse it correctly.

$ aws configure

When the response gets to Default output format, enter json.

Uninstall the CloudWatch agent with Prometheus monitoring

When you are finished testing, enter the following command to uninstall the CloudWatch agent by deleting the Amazon CloudFormation stack.

aws cloudformation delete-stack \ --stack-name CWAgent-Prometheus-ECS-${ECS_CLUSTER_NAME}-EC2-${ECS_NETWORK_MODE} \ --region ${AWS_DEFAULT_REGION} \ --profile ${AWS_PROFILE}