Metrics Insights limits - Amazon CloudWatch
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Metrics Insights limits

CloudWatch Metrics Insights currently has the following limits:

  • Currently, you can query only the most recent three hours of data.

  • A single query can process no more than 10,000 metrics. This means that if the SELECT, FROM, and WHERE clauses match more than 10,000 metrics, the query only processes the first 10,000 of these metrics that it finds.

  • A single query can return no more than 500 time series. This means that if the query would return more than 500 metrics, not all metrics will be returned in the query results. If you use an ORDER BY clause, then all the metrics being processed are sorted, and the 500 that have the highest or lowest values according to your ORDER BY clause are returned.

    If you do not include an ORDER BY clause, you can't control which 500 matching metrics are returned.

  • You can have as many as 75 Metrics Insights alarms per Region.

  • Metrics Insights does not support high-resolution data, which is metric data reported with a granularity of less than one minute. If you request high-resolution data, the request does not fail, but the output is aggregated at one-minute granularity.

  • Each GetMetricData operation can have only one query, but you can have multiple widgets in a dashboard that each include a query.