Create flexible dashboards with dashboard variables - Amazon CloudWatch
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Create flexible dashboards with dashboard variables

Use dashboard variables to create flexible dashboards that can quickly display different content in multiple widgets, depending on the value of an input field within the dashboard. For example, you can create a dashboard that can quickly switch between different Lambda functions or Amazon EC2 instance IDs, or one that can switch to different Amazon Regions.

After you create a dashboard that uses a variable, you can copy the same variable pattern to other existing dashboards.

Using dashboard variables improves the operational workflow for people who use your dashboards. It can also reduce your costs because you're using dashboard variables in one dashboard instead of creating multiple similar dashboards.


If you share a dashboard that contains dashboard variables, the people that you share it with won't be able to change between the variable values.

Types of dashboard variables

The dashboard variable can be a property variable or a pattern variable.

Property variables apply to most use cases and are less complex to set up.