Enabling segment metrics from X-Ray - Amazon CloudWatch
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Enabling segment metrics from X-Ray

The Amazon X-Ray SDK for Java can emit several metrics about segments into CloudWatch to give an unsampled view of latency, throttle, error, and fault rates. It uses the CloudWatch agent to emit these metrics to minimize the impact on application performance. For more information about segments, see Segments.

If you enable segment metrics, a log group called XRayApplicationMetrics is created, and the metrics ErrorRate, FaultRate, ThrottleRate, and Latency, are published into a custom CloudWatch metric namespace called Observability.

Segment metrics are not currently supported in Lambda.

To enable the Amazon X-Ray SDK for Java to publish segment metrics, use the following example.

AWSXRayRecorderBuilder builder = AWSXRayRecorderBuilder.standard().withSegmentListener(new MetricsSegmentListener());

If you are using ServiceLens with Amazon EKS and Container Insights, add the AWS_XRAY_METRICS_DAEMON_ADDRESS environment variable to the HOST_IP as shown in the following example.

env: - name: HOST_IP valueFrom: fieldRef: apiVersion: v1 fieldPath: status.hostIP - name: AWS_XRAY_METRICS_DAEMON_ADDRESS value: $(HOST_IP):25888

For more information, see Enable X-Ray CloudWatch Metrics.