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Setting up with Amazon ECR

If you've signed up for Amazon and have been using Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) or Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), you are close to being able to use Amazon ECR. The setup process for those two services is similar, as Amazon ECR is an extension of both services. When using the Amazon CLI with Amazon ECR, we recommend that you use a version of the Amazon CLI that supports the latest Amazon ECR features. If you do not see support for an Amazon ECR feature in the Amazon CLI, you should upgrade to the latest version. For more information, see

Complete the following tasks to get set up to push a container image to Amazon ECR for the first time. If you have already completed any of these steps, you may skip them and move on to the next step.

Sign up for an Amazon Web Services account

If you do not have an Amazon Web Services account, use the following procedure to create one.

To sign up for Amazon Web Services
  1. Open and choose Sign Up.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Amazon sends you a confirmation email after the sign-up process is complete. At any time, you can view your current account activity and manage your account by going to and choosing My Account.

Secure IAM users

After you sign up for an Amazon Web Services account, safeguard your administrative user by turning on multi-factor authentication (MFA). For instructions, see Enable a virtual MFA device for an IAM user (console) in the IAM User Guide.

To give other users access to your Amazon Web Services account resources, create IAM users. To secure your IAM users, turn on MFA and only give the IAM users the permissions needed to perform their tasks.

For more information about creating and securing IAM users, see the following topics in the IAM User Guide: