Viewing public repository information - Amazon ECR Public
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Viewing public repository information

After you create a public repository, you can view details about it in the Amazon Web Services Management Console. For each image in the repository, you can view the image size, the URI for pulling the image, the SHA digest, the image tags, and the time when the image was last pushed. You can review the catalog data for the Amazon ECR Public Gallery. You can also see the repository permission policies that are associated with the repository.


Beginning with Docker version 1.9, the Docker client compresses image layers before pushing them to a V2 Docker registry. The output of the docker images command shows the uncompressed image size. Therefore, the image size that's returned might be larger than the image sizes that are shown in the Amazon Web Services Management Console.

To view public repository information
  1. Open the Amazon ECR console at

  2. From the navigation bar, choose the Region that the repository to view is in.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Repositories.

  4. On the Repositories page, select the Public tab, and then choose the repository to view the details of.

  5. On the Repositories > repository_name page, choose View public listing to navigate to the repository detail page in the Amazon ECR Public Gallery in a new tab or use the navigation bar to view more details about the repository.

    • Choose Images to view information about the images in the repository. If there are untagged images that you want to delete, you can select the box to the left of the repositories to delete and choose Delete. For more information, see Deleting an image in a public repository.

    • Choose Gallery detail to view the public catalog data for the repository.

    • Choose Permissions to view the repository policies that are applied to the repository. For more information, see Public repository policies.