Ulimit - Amazon Elastic Container Service
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The ulimit settings to pass to the container.

Amazon ECS tasks hosted on Amazon Fargate use the default resource limit values set by the operating system with the exception of the nofile resource limit parameter which Amazon Fargate overrides. The nofile resource limit sets a restriction on the number of open files that a container can use. The default nofile soft limit is 1024 and the default hard limit is 65535.

You can specify the ulimit settings for a container in a task definition.



The hard limit for the ulimit type.

Type: Integer

Required: Yes


The type of the ulimit.

Type: String

Valid Values: core | cpu | data | fsize | locks | memlock | msgqueue | nice | nofile | nproc | rss | rtprio | rttime | sigpending | stack

Required: Yes


The soft limit for the ulimit type.

Type: Integer

Required: Yes

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